TERMO 60mm sectional garage door

The TERMO 60mm sectional garage door, thanks to its high insulating properties, is the best choice for energy efficient residential buildings. It effectively reduces thermal losses and noise. Extremely durable and comfortable. Customisable to desired needs.
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In energy efficient buildings the reduction of thermal losses in every possible manner is of high importance. This model, thanks to the use of 60 mm thick panels with CFC-free polyurethane foam and flexible seal is resistant to weather conditions, effectively reducing thermal transfer.



A wide range of available colours and individual designs allows for matching the door to even the most modern buildings. This model blends perfectly with the rest of the architecture or it will serve as an additional decorative element of the building.



This door saves space inside and outside of a building thanks to its opening vertically upwards. The door is operated manually with the use of an electric device. Both versions are characterised by a very easy operation. The many safety features effectively minimise the risk of accidents.


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Choose TERMO 60mm sectional garage door if:

You require a model that will minimise thermal losses from the building.
You want a solution that will be decorative for your home.
You seek a durable product that is especially comfortable in use.

Parameters and Technical Description

The door is composed of panels constructed in a way to prevent finger crushing. The 60 mm thick panels are available in the following heights: 500 mm and 610 mm, chosen according to the opening height. The panel walls are made of galvanised and coated steel sheets. The panels are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam. The bottom panel is equipped with a slide-in seal. The door opens vertically, leaving an open space inside, as well as outside of the building.
Stable door support construction is made of vertical and horizontal 1.5 mm thick tracks with steel fittings. Shot peened torsion springs for min. 25,000 lifecycle uses. The entire door perimeter is protected by durable seals. The product is produced according to custom dimensions and certified according to all required regulations. A wide range of colours allows for matching the door to the rest of the building.

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