SUPERIAL 800 Aluminium Doors

This reliable SUPERIAL 800 aluminium door (for outdoor use) is easily adaptable to any kind of building and may be comfortably used also in harsh conditions. This model is produced according to custom dimensions. This model is a perfect supplement to sectional or double leaf doors. It is produced with the use of top grade materials and it is not only durable, but also highly aesthetic. This door serves its function perfectly in single- or multifamily buildings, logistic centres, companies or public buildings.


Very durable door construction made of warm aluminium profiles with a wall thickness of 2mm. These profiles have three chambers and a thermal barrier made of plastic. High quality profiles and outstanding engineering ensure that the product will serve you for many years.



Thanks to the solid frame and wings construction made of aluminium profiles with screwed-in hinges, the door is capable of serving its function for many years. Top grade materials guarantee a high level of resistance to any damages.



This model is easily customisable to specific needs and requirements, not only in visual, but also in functional terms. This includes one leaf and double leaf versions, with side or top transoms, full, glazed and half-glazed.



Finishes made with attention paid to every detail make the door look exceptionally good in every kind of surrounding. It can be matched to the sectional or double leaf door visuals thanks to the use of sectional panels, available in many colours or with a wood-like PVC coating.


Match the door to yourself

Door's fill

Sectional panel
Smooth sheet
Double glazed insert

Outside look





RAL 3000
RAL 5010
RAL 6005
RAL 7016
RAL 7016 DM
7016 wood-like structure
RAL 7024 DM
RAL 8014
RAL 9002
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 9005 DM
RAL 9016
Golden oak
Rustic oak
Dark oak

Choose SUPERIAL 800 aluminium door if:

You seek highly engineered product mage of top grade materials.
You are looking for a model that ensures a secure closing of the building (door for outdoor use).
You require practical and proven solutions.

Parameters and Technical Description

Depending on the client’s needs the SUPERIAL 800 door has: triple insert with one or two-sided safety glass (44 mm thick), 40 mm thick smooth steel sheet panel, coated in any RAL palette colour (steel sheets on both sides with polystyrene core) or 40 mm thick sectional panel (steel sheets on both sides with polyurethane foam core) available in many colours or wood-like coatings. All types of fills are installed with the use of glazing beads. The SUPERIAL 800 door and wing frames are made of three chamber aluminium profiles with a wall thickness of 1,5 mm. These profiles are warm, with a plastic thermal barrier. The door’s and wings’ frames are powder coated in selected colours from the RAL palette.
Every door is produced according to custom dimensions. Depending on the needs, the doors are available in single or double leaf versions. The door can be installed in an opening, through holes in a frame or with the use of anchors. 4 types of seals are installed along the entire inner and outer door frame and wing frame perimeter. As standard, the SUPERIAL 800 doors are equipped with an aluminium sill. As standard, the doors are equipped with an aluminium handle with a lock and insert, as well as surface bolts. Moreover, the doors may have optional equipment such as: grips, self-closing handle, additional locks, side or top transom, windows etc.

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