STANDARD 77 Rolling Garage Door

The STANDARD T 77 rolling garage door is a perfect alternative for a sectional door. It is especially suitable for residential buildings, detached garages or facility rooms, where the technical conditions require special solutions and space savings. This model is equipped with a reliable drive and guarantees extremely comfortable operation. It can be adapted to the Client’s specific requirements and needs.
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Compact Design

The rolling door is especially suitable for facilities with compromised conditions or in places where the space under the ceiling is of special importance. The rolling door opens vertically, leaving an open space inside, as well as outside of the garage.

Compact Design


This model is operated only automatically. The door curtain is wound on a shaft contained in an aluminium housing (installed outside, inside or in the door opening). The door is conveniently and effortlessly operated with the use of a remote control. In the case of a power failure, the door is operated with the use of a crank.



The risk of accidents is reduced to a minimum thanks to solutions, such as photocells, inertial brake and edge protection. The door is also equipped with vertical tracks that contain brush-rubber seals and a rubber seal in the bottom profile that reduce thermal losses.


Match the door to yourself


Glazed profile
Ventilation profile


Cream white
Light beige
Crimson RAL 3004
Blue RAL 5010
Navy blue RAL 5011
Moss green RAL 6005
Fir green RAL 6009
PVC anthracit RAL 7016
Brown RAL 8014
Dark brown RAL 8019
Grey RAL 7038
Graphite DB 703
Black RAL 9005
Silver RAL 9006
Golden oak
Dark oak
Irish oak

Choose T 77 rolling garage door if:

You need a solution that can be easily adapted to the development conditions.
You want to save space inside and outside of the garage.
You seek a comfortable and safe operation.

Parameters and Technical Description

The STANDARD T 77 rolling garage door consists of a curtain, vertical tracks and housing with a shaft. The curtain is composed of 77 mm high and 18 mm thick aluminium profiles filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam, equipped with a bottom extruded strip. The door profiles are powder coated and equipped with plastic locking clips.
The door is operated automatically – the curtain opens vertically and winds on a shaft enclosed in an aluminium housing. The door is operated with a remote control. This model can be installed inside, outside or in an opening. The door is produced according to custom dimensions.

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