PRO 40 mm Sectional

Among others, the main advantages of Gros PRO 40 mm sectional door, are: very solid construction, safe usage and reliability in any conditions. This model is a perfect solution for industrial buildings, public buildings or logistic centres.
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With the PRO 40 mm sectional door you choose a product, which will serve you well for many years. The door panel is made of galvanised and coated steel sheets. Shot peened torsion springs for min. 25,000 lifecycle uses.



Thoughtful and reliable designs allow for ease-of use, therefore we offer the option to choose a manual or automatic door opening method. Manual opening, with a chain hoist, is effortless thanks to the use of a shaft with torsion springs. The automatic opening method is performed by a top-tier electric drive delivered by one of our renowned suppliers.



We know how important it is to prevent accidents, therefore every Gros industrial door is equipped with reliable features protecting against the curtain falling in the case of a cable or spring breakage. Moreover, the door can be equipped with edge protection or optical curtains.


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Choose PRO 40 mm sectional door if:

You seek a durable product that will serve you perfectly for many years.
You require good thermal insulation inside of a building and proper noise reduction.
You want to ensure safety and comfortable operation for yourself and your employees.

Parameters and Technical Description

The PRO 40 industrial sectional door panel is constructed of 40 mm thick sectional panels, which are 500 mm and 610 mm in height, chosen according to door height and made of galvanised and coated steel sheets. The panels are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam. Depending on the panels’ type, the inter-section seal is placed in their top or bottom part.
The door opens vertically, leaving an open space inside, as well as outside of the building. Stable door support construction is made of vertical and horizontal 2 mm thick tracks with steel fittings. The entire door perimeter is protected by durable seals. This model is produced according to custom dimensions.

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