PRESTO Double Leaf Garage Door

Do you require an especially durable and aesthetic garage door, but it is technically impossible to install a sectional or rolling model? The solution to this problem is the PRESTO double leaf garage door from Gros. It is a model that has been known for years, proven, reliable and available in modern designs. This door is a perfect match for residential buildings, detached garages or utility rooms.
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The door is produced according to custom dimensions and preferences. It is easily adaptable to the building’s architecture. A wide range of over 200 paint colours and wood-like coatings is available. Many embossing types and constructions. This model may be installed in an opening or on a wall, through holes in the frame or with the use of anchors.



Extremely solid door construction made of cold, steel profiles without a thermal barrier with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm and powder coated in any colour from the RAL palette. As standard, the door is equipped with a steel sill. The door wings are filled with a 40 mm thick sectional panel. High quality materials and outstanding engineering ensure that the product will serve you for many years.



The double leaf version may be opened manually (as standard it is equipped with a lock, handle, flush bolt and door stops), as well as automatically, protecting the user from unfavourable weather conditions, such as rain or snow. The door opens automatically with the use of arms attached to the wings and operated by the drive mounted under the garage ceiling.


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Outside look





RAL 7016
RAL 7016 DM
7016 wood-like structure
RAL 7024 DM
RAL 8014
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 9005 DM
RAL 9016
Golden oak
Rustic oak
Dark oak

Choose PRESTO double leaf garage door if:

You seek a high quality product, but it is technically impossible to install sectional or rolling door.
You are looking for a uniquely aesthetic model that can be easily matched to any building.
You require solutions that simplify everyday door usage.

Parameters and Technical Description

The PRESTO double leaf door is filled with a 40 mm thick sectional panel with a height of: 500 mm, 555 mm (555 mm panel available only in selected colours) or 610 mm chosen by Gros. The panel is made of galvanised steel sheets filled with polyurethane foam. There is a wide range of RAL palette colours or wood-like coatings available. In the PRESTO door the sectional panel is mounted with the use of steel beads. 3 types of seals are installed along the entire inner and outer door frame and wing frame perimeter. As standard, the door is equipped with a steel sill.
As standard, the doors are equipped with: a handle (few types to choose from) with a lock and insert, door stop, flush bolt and rotating handle with bolt (depending on the door type). Moreover, the door can be equipped with optional accessories. The main difference between the garage and industrial door is the size availability (industrial doors may be ordered substantially larger) as well as the lack of the option to install an electric drive in an industrial double leaf door.

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