Industrial Doors

Reliability, durability and safety – these are the most important features of Gros industrial doors. Going with our products you have chosen proven quality and outstanding comfort of use. Our industrial doors are a perfect solution for industrial buildings, public buildings and logistic centres.

PRO 40 mm

PRO 40 mm	Sectional
Easy Opening Effective Insulation Guaranteed Safety
Easy OpeningThe door opens manually or automatically, leaving an open space inside, as well as outside of the building. Effective InsulationThe 40 mm thick sectional panels are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam and the entire perimeter of the door is protected by durable seals (inter-section, top, bottom and side seals), which reduce thermal losses and noise. Guaranteed SafetyThe door is equipped with a number of safety features that minimise the risk of accidents. It is certified according to all required regulations.

Aluminium Door

PPA Industrial Aluminium Door
Universal For Special Tasks Thoughtful Solutions
UniversalTwo types of industrial doors are available: glazed door and ventilation door. For Special TasksA perfect solution for places requiring a steady flow of natural light or proper ventilation; as in car workshops, car showrooms, car washes or underground garages. Thoughtful SolutionsThe door opens vertically, leaving an open space inside, as well as outside of the building. It’s construction consists of a top-quality door panel as well as vertical and horizontal tracks with steel fittings. It can be comfortably operated manually or automatically.


PRESTO Double Leaf
Compact Form Combination of Modernity with Tradition Perfectly Suited
Compact FormThis door type is a great alternative for buildings, where it is technically impossible to install a sectional or rolling door. Combination of Modernity with TraditionA very solid construction made of cold steel profiles is a traditional and reliable solution which has been used for many years. Nowadays, thanks to the use of top materials and modern designs, its aesthetics are also outstanding. The door wings division may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Perfectly SuitedThe door is produced based on the Client’s individual needs. A wide range of over 200 paint colours and wood-like coatings makes it possible to easily and accurately match the door to any surroundings.


UNICO	Double Leaf
Great Alternative Proven Solutions in a Modern Form Custom Project
Great AlternativeA double-leaf door is a perfect solution for places, where it is technically impossible to install a sectional or rolling door. Proven Solutions in a Modern FormExceptionally durable construction of the frame and wings, made of warm steel profiles with a thermal barrier, guarantees reliable performance for many years. Hinges with bearings guarantee a quiet operation. Combination of the best materials with compelling aesthetics. Custom ProjectThe door is fully customised according to the Client’s requirements. It is produced according to custom dimensions in a range of over 200 paint colours and wood-like coatings. This model can be perfectly suited to any architecture.

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