Garage Doors

Our garage doors are distinguished by a unique combination of aesthetics, durability and functionality. We choose practical solutions that ensure the highest operational comfort and safety. We adapt the doors to the Client’s individual needs. Gros garage doors are a perfect match for residential buildings, detached garages or utility rooms.


Exceptional Durability Maximum Safety Comfortable Operation
Exceptional DurabilitySolid workmanship and top quality materials – thick outer steel sheets, shot peened torsion springs for min. 20,000 lifecycle uses and very durable steel tracks. Maximum SafetyThe door is equipped with many safety features, some of which are anti-crushing panels, cable or spring breakage protection, photocells or edge protection, that effectively minimise the risk of accidents. Comfortable OperationManual or automatic opening. Manual opening does not require any effort due to the use of a shaft and torsion springs or tension springs system. However, the reliable electric drive option allows for convenient door opening in any weather.

60 mm TERMO

Perfect Insulation Comfortable and Safe Operation High Aesthetics
Perfect InsulationThe 60 mm thick sectional panels without embossing are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam, which perfectly protects against cold conditions and noise. A perfect solution for energy efficient buildings. Comfortable and Safe OperationThis door saves space inside and outside of a building thanks to its opening vertically upwards. This model can be operated manually or automatically. It is equipped with many safety features that effectively minimise the risk of accidents. High AestheticsA wide range of available panel colours allows for successful matching to building’s architecture. The aesthetics are further enhanced by practical solutions, such as the seal slid into the bottom panel.

Double Leaf

Perfectly Suited Tradition with Modernity A Wide Range of Additional Equipment
Perfectly SuitedA perfect alternative for buildings, where it is technically impossible to install a sectional or rolling door. The door is produced according to custom requirements, therefore it is easily adaptable to any type of building. Tradition with ModernityA very solid construction made of cold steel profiles is a traditional and reliable solution which has been used for many years. Nowadays, thanks to the use of top materials and modern designs, its aesthetics are also outstanding. The door wings division may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. A Wide Range of Additional EquipmentA wide range of extras that enhance the operation comfort, such as windows, ventilation grills, additional locks or service doors. Option to choose a manual or automatic door opening method.

Double Leaf

Dependable Aesthetics Effortless Adaptation Practical Extras
Dependable AestheticsExceptionally durable symmetric or asymmetric double-leaf construction made of warm steel profiles with a thermal barrier. Proven designs, best materials and attention to details – these factors compose a product that will serve you well for many years. Effortless AdaptationThe door is easily adaptable to any building. It is produced according to custom dimensions and any of the Client’s requirements. It is a perfect solution for buildings, where it is technically impossible to install a sectional or rolling door. Practical ExtrasThis model can be added on to with a wide range of additional elements, such as handles, locks or grips. These elements simplify the operation and guarantee maximal comfort of use. It is also possible to choose a manual or automatic door opening method.


Outstanding Space Savings Automatic Operation Made to Measure
Outstanding Space SavingsThe door opens vertically, leaving an open space inside, as well as outside of the garage. The entire door curtain winds on a shaft hidden in a housing. This solution allows for saving space normally required for the tracks of a sectional door. Automatic OperationThe option of automatic door opening allows for entering the garage more conveniently, without for example being exposed to unfavourable weather conditions. The rolling door is operated with a remote control. The operation is especially easy and convenient. Made to MeasureThis model is produced according to custom dimensions. It is especially suited for facilities with less favoured development conditions. It is an alternative for sectional doors. The installation procedure is easy and not too time consuming.

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